For Parents


Who are We?

The Maryland Organization of Parents of Blind Children (MDPOBC) is a proud division of the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children and the National Federation of the Blind of Maryland. We are a state wide membership organization of parents and friends of blind children reaching out to each other to give vital support, encouragement, and information.


What is different about the MDPOBC?

Our status as a division of the National Federation of the Blind, the largest and most influential organization of blind people in the world, provides many benefits. Our members are well informed about the technological, legislative, and societal issues that affect blind people. We also enjoy the resources, support, and expertise of 50,000 blind people who can serve as mentors and role models for our children. And finally, as our children grow up, they, too, can belong to the Federation.


What is the Mission?

The purpose of the MDPOBC is to:


Contact: Garret Mooney President of MDPOBC at 480-433-8003 or email