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111Networking for Employment Challenge


  • Who: All job seekers, currently employed and retired members
  • What: Challenge ourselves and one another to learn more about employment networking and then practice the skill
  • Where: Anywhere, everywhere and at our national convention
  • When:  July 1 - 7, 2023 and a follow up zoom call later in July
  • Why:  to reduce the fear around a critical skill and then practice that skill with one another
  • How:  Click the links below to learn more; check back often for new tips, tools and resources between now and the end of July



Networking tips, tools and resources

  1. Introduction to the Networking for Employment Challenge
  2. Getting Started with Employment Networking
  3. Technology Training on Digital Contact Business Cards and Networking Strategies Sponsored by the NFB Muslims Group
  4. 4 Tips for Job Search Networking 
  5. Networking at a career fair!
  6. More articles and resources coming so check back s!oon)



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