For Parents

Helping Families Help Their Blind Kids

What is the Mission?

POBC of Maryland's mission is to ensure the best future for our blind youth by promoting quality education, fostering self-esteem, and connecting our youth to wonderful blind role models in the community. 


One of the many ways that we promote quality education is by providing training seminars for parents in IEP (Individualized Education Plan) advocacy.
We can also help to advocate for students by attending IEP meetings. 

To learn more about IEP’s,please check out the following Youtube Video entitled No Limits: Literacy, Information Access, and Mobility, Keys to the Future for Blind Studentsat the following link:


Our collaborations build solid foundations for productive lives, which maximize independence. We help parents promote independence for their children by providing Empowerment Stipends to attend our special summer youth training programs.

Contact: Garrett Mooney President of MDPOBC at 480-433-8003 or email